PSUPA Certifications

PSUPA currently offers Flatwater Level 1 Certification, and other programs in development will be released soon.

Flatwater Level 1 Certification - a prerequisite for our other certifications, this course covers the broadest scope of information, and includes a thorough reference manual.  Please refer to the Flatwater Level 1 page to find out more about the course.

Here is a listing of some of the upcoming scheduled courses.


The following SUP certifications are currently in development:

Flatwater Level 2




Exposed Water / Offshore

Please note for any PSUPA certification course, we cannot guarantee you will achieve a certification simply by taking the course. To ensure that you will get the most out of any certification course, and that you are prepared for the commitment, please read the prerequisites for the certification program and verify with an Instructor Trainer to determine if you are qualified to take the course.   Our standards are high, but achievable, if you are prepared for the certification course.