This program is designed to train your camp staff or individuals interested in teaching at camps in the basics of stand up paddling and water safety techniques while building your confidence and having fun!

4-H Camp Farley, Mashpee, MA

You have two options:

  1. Camp Certification - Your camp will be certified instead of an individual. The annual Camp membership fee is $135yr. Then you'll pay your Instructor Trainer their course fee (varies per IT).  Annually, the camp will retake the course if you have new staff to train. If staff hasn't changed, we recommend a refresher course with a PSUPA Instructor Trainer.
  2. Individual Certification - If you work for a camp or are planning to apply to a camp, then this option is for you. Join PSUPA as a regular member, then contact an Instructor Trainer to take our Flat Water 1 Certification. Request that the Camp Skills Certification skills be added to the FW1 course. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be award both the Flat Water 1 and the Camp SUP Basics Certification.

The camp or individual will receive one copy of our 107 page Flat Water 1 manual for reference. Individuals interested in more training can attend a 2-3 day Flat Water 1 stand up paddling certification course with an IT in their region. Also see our other certifications to gain additional skills such as River SUP and SUP Yoga.

Topics Covered in the Course:

Equipment and clothing, safe launching and landing, how to stand easily, 2 turns, stopping, paddling sideways and backwards, and balance techniques. Learn how to fall off safely and methods for climbing back on. Also how to walk on the board, the pivot/buoy turn, paddling straight and SUP games.

Students will learn how to rescue themselves, another paddler as well as anyone in the water who needs help. They'll learn the flip rescue, dip-pull rescue, push-rescue, towing and how to use a stirrup to climb on the end of an inflatable SUP.  Additional content will include risk management, understanding weather forecasts, making smart decisions and how to teach a SUP class.

How to Schedule a Certification Course -

Go to Find Instruction on our site menu and click on Instructor Trainers (IT's) to search for an IT in your area or region. Contact the IT directly to discuss setting up a course. If you don't have an IT in your area, contact us for help at

Benefits of PSUPA Membership

All members are welcome to join our Facebook member page to discuss anything SUP from equipment to techniques, business and to network with other instructors.  Members also gain access to our extensive online Educational Resources page. Additionally, we have pro-deals you can access to save on industry specific equipment and services.


Feel free to contact us for any additional info or to help find an IT to work with. Contact us at: or 206-465-7167

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