Choose the certification that fits you then contact one of our Instructor Trainers in your region to schedule a course.  If you don’t find an Instructor Trainer in your area on the list below, we would be happy to help you find certification options. Many of our instructors travel worldwide.

Successful completion of Flat Water 1 is required prior to taking our other certifications.  

Flat Water Level 1 Certification

A prerequisite for our other certifications, this course covers the broadest scope of stand up paddling information, and includes a thorough reference manual.  Please refer to the Flat Water Level 1 page to find out more about the course. 2018 Flat Water 1 Certifications

Camp SUP Basic Skills and Safety Certification

Just released in May 2017, this program is designed to train summer camp staff on stand up paddling basics and water safety. This is a one day course in which the camp (instead of the individual) gets certified annually.  Click Here for Details

SUP Yoga Teacher Training

Just released in October 2017, this course will prepare you to teach SUP yoga professionally. You'll also learn how to run a successful stand up paddling business. Click Here for Details - Instructor Trainers: Carly Hayden, Julie Devoir, Mary Sundblom. Click here for our 2018 Courses.

River SUP Certification Level 1

Just released in 2018, our River SUP L1 instructor training teaches you the basics of how to teach students to have fun and be safe paddlers on Class 1+ to 2+ rivers and where applicable, tidal rapids.  You'll also learn how to run a successful sup business. Click Here for Details /  2018 Courses / Instructor Trainers: Rob Casey, Ian Smith, Mary Sundblom, Shaine Ebrahimi.

Downwind SUP Certification

This course was designed by our Instructor Trainers on the north shore of Maui, Oahu and in the Pacific Northwest.  Learn how to teach your students to be safe and responsible paddlers in high wind environments.  Like all our certifications, SUP business can be covered upon request. Instructor Trainers: Robert Stehlik, Jaecey Suda, Jenn Lee, Rob Casey.

SUP Surfing Certification - Level 1

Learn how to teach your students to SUP surf while having fun and being an ambassador for the sport.  From learning how to properly introduce beginners to the surf, you'll also learn surf rescues, surf etiquette and SUP business thus leaving this course as a leader in your market. Instructor Trainers: Rob Casey, Robert Stehlik, Jenn Lee.

The following SUP certification program is currently in development:

SUP Touring (in editing, to be released early 2018)

Please note for any PSUPA certification course, we cannot guarantee you will achieve a certification simply by taking the course. To ensure that you will get the most out of any certification course, and that you are prepared for the commitment, please read the prerequisites for the certification program and verify with an Instructor Trainer to determine if you are qualified to take the course.   Our standards are high, but achievable, if you are prepared for the certification course.

"I just completed the Flat Water Level I Certification in Seattle, WA with Instructor Trainer Rob Casey. The certification course was packed with valuable information that will help me run a new Stand Up Paddle business. The classroom time gave me the tools that I need for running safe classes, understanding different types of customers, and much more. The classroom and hands on time prepared me to be an organized instructor and offered many new tips on gear and set up. The water time was incredible, Rob obviously has a great amount of experience. We worked on paddling skills, rescue techniques (and more), all while learning about local wildlife and landmarks! Rob is a true professional and I would highly recommend this course."  Sally Drake, Certified Instructor, Missouri.

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