1. When launching your board from a dock, it is never recommended to:

2. An improperly sized paddle can? Select all of the correct answer:

3. What are things a paddler can do to improve tracking and keep the board going straight?

Select all of the correct answer:


The image shows what hand/paddle signal” Select the correct answer:

5. What are the four components of the SUP paddle stroke? Select the correct answer

6. Which item is not on the list of things a guide should carry as part of their safety kit?

Select the best answer:

7. Which of the following symptoms is not a sign of Hypothermia?

Select the correct answer:

8. Stopping or slowing the board is best accomplished by: Select the best answer:

9. What are things you can do to ease paddling over small waves and boat wakes?

Select the best answer.

10. Treatment for Heat Exhaustion should include all of the following except?

Select the incorrect answer:

11. As a PSUPA Guide/Instructor, you should:

Select all the correct answers:

12. Properly outfitting your boards are a great safety and convenience option for your clients.  All of the listed items are recommended with the exception of?

Select the incorrect answer

13. The following are recommended ways to transport your board, with the exception of?

Select the best answer:

14. Proper care of paddle boards is essential for their long term use.  The following are recommended practices for your boards:

Select all correct answers:

15. All of the following should be part of a Guide's "on water" safety / 1st aid kit, except:

Select the best answer:

16. Prior to starting a tour, it is best practice to:

Choose all of the correct answers:

17. When performing a beach launch or exit, always:

Choose the best answer:

18. When falling, you should instruct your clients to:

Select the correct answer:


Identify the Deck / Traction Pad


Identify the handle


Identify the handle


Identify the power face


Identify the shaft


Identify the handle


Identify the nose


Identify the fin


Rip Currents are dangerous because they:

Select all correct answers:


If you believe you are caught in a Rip Current, you should:

Select all correct answers:


Which image showing how to hold the paddle is correct?

30. The roots of Stand Up Paddling goes back to the 1930's from which location:

31. Which type of Tail/Stern design type is considered the most stable?

Choose the best answer.

32. Which bests describes what the term "Rocker" is?

Select the best answer//

33. What are things to consider when choosing the best board for your student?

Choose the best answer.

34. The majority of students tend to learn and retain the most by this learning style?

choose the best answer.


Stepping a foot back on the board to raise the nose is considered?

Choose the best answer

36. A flip rescue is started by:

Choose the best answer.

37. A flip rescue should never be attempted if?

Select the best answer.

38. PSUPA recommends the following teacher to student ratios:

Choose the best answer.

39. Laying down on the deck and paddling with your hands/arms is considered.

Choose the best answer

40. Students experiencing difficulty in standing up for the first time, can be given assistance by:

choose the best answer.

41. All of the following are strokes for turning except?

choose the best answer

42. Why is it important to keep track or tidal schedules/changes?

choose the best answer

43. Scouting a new area prior to paddling is important because?

choose the best answer.

44. If you are in an area without proper waste bins, you should do what with your trash?

Select the best answer.

45. The width of a paddle's blade can affect?

choose the best answer


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