Learning the Flip Rescue - An Essential Skill for any Paddler

The flip rescue is the quickest way to get a capsized paddler boarder or fatigued swimmer out of the water. Following our videos below you can learn to do the rescue.

The more you practice it, the faster you get. I can pull any person out in less than a minute. Then tow or push them to shore with my board.

It's good to practice with different body types from small adults or kids to larger folks closer to 300lbs.

Tips for doing the flip rescue:

  • Approach from your board. Pull up alongside the capsized board, then cross over onto that board vs jumping in.
  • Practice often in rough water, wind, current, and with different types of people and boards.
  • Practice pulling a 'swimmer' out who doesn't have a board. This means pulling them onto your board and getting both of you back to shore asap.
  • Look into on-water communication devices to call for help. VHF hand-held radios are the most reliable. Cell phones work if you have reception. Tether each option to your PFD and/or store on your board.

Flip Rescue How-to Videos..

Flip Rescue, Board to Board Method

SUP Flip Rescue and Towing Tips

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