The flip rescue is a very effective technique used to pull a stand up paddler, swimmer or capsized kayaker out of the water and onto a board.  With practice, you can flip a fatigued, cold, injured or unconscious person out of the water in less than 30 seconds.
How to:
- Paddle your board over to the capsized paddler.
- Ask if they're cold, how long they've bee in the water
- While doing so, flip their board fin up. Easiest to do so with two hands at the nose or tail, flipping one hand over the other.
- Climb on your knees from your board to theirs using your paddle as a brace across both boards.
- Pull the victim in and have them face you in the middle of their board
- Drop both paddles in the water between the victim and their board
- Ask them to cross their arms, then grab their hands (not wrists)
- While doing so, stand up on their board and step on the opposite board rail (behind you).
- Kick your board back so you don't fall on it. (Ideally should be on leash so you don't lose your board)
- Then fall back into the water. Doing so flips the victim onto the board pinning both paddles under their chest.
- Once they're their board, move to towards their tail (same side) and reaching over their board, pull their legs on
- Get back on your board and tow or push with your board (nose to tail) them back to shore. Call for 911 or the Coast Guard on channel 16 if you're unable to reach shore to prevent hypothermia or to properly perform CPR.
Practice often to do the flip under a minute and practice in rough water conditions. If the victim falls back in after your first flip, try again. Once they're on the board ask the victim to lie prone (chest down) or sit to prevent from falling off again during the towing or pushing process back to shore.
Always wear your PFD and leash to stay off the 5 o'clock news.