Become a certified Stand Up Paddling (SUP) instructor, or add new skills and classes to your SUP business.

I learned so much from my PSUPA Flat Water Level 1 class. If you're looking to improve your skills in SUP, the instructors are the best in the business. They are safety conscience and truly care about the sport.

Mariann Kirch


Why Get Certified?

Certification establishes a professional standard for stand up paddling. It helps employers to make informed hiring decisions and consumers to find qualified instructors.

Although you don’t need to be certified to teach stand up paddling privately, it is required if you want to teach for a corporation, school, government, or other organization.

Why Choose PSUPA?

PSUPA certifications are developed by a diverse group of leading instructors to provide the most comprehensive curriculum possible.

Our stand up paddle certification programs give you the skills you need to become a safe and competent instructor, as well as business skills necessary to succeed in today’s crowded marketplace.

How do I sign up for a certification?

Visit the Join page and sign up for an annual PSUPA membership, which is $75. Then visit Find Instructors and choose an Instructor Trainer (IT) near you or that you're willing to travel to.

You will pay the IT for your course. Note that each IT will have different certification course fees depending on their region and/or business structure. You will be asked to get certified in hands-on First Aid/CPR prior to your course.

How long is my PSUPA Certification valid?

PSUPA certifications are valid for 4 years. For the certification to be active, we require annual renewal of PSUPA membership, as well as proof of current First Aid/CPR, Wilderness First Aid or equivalent training, depending on the requirements for your particular certification.

Why is a PSUPA Membership required for certifications, and why is it required to keep a certification active?

Our goal is to build a community of passionate professional stand up paddlers and to stay connected with our students after the certification course is over. PSUPA will keep members informed of relevant information in the SUP industry and new innovative teaching techniques.

We aim to provide benefits and program improvements in response to members’ input regarding the specific needs they face in their SUP businesses and/or professional lives.

Memberships help us build this community. Our numbers show our commitment to the sport. And the members-only discussion forum provides a way to stay connected.

What is hands-on First Aid/CPR and why is it required?

Hands-on First Aid/CPR courses are taught in a classroom with a certified instructor. We do not accept CPR certifications earned over the Internet.

Our programs emphasize safety and hands-on training better prepares you to deal with an emergency. Our more advanced certifications require more advanced safety training.

How do I renew my certification?

A one-day refresher course every 4 years is required to renew an active certification.

If your PSUPA membership lapses during the 4 years that your certification is valid, simply renewing your membership will re-activate your certification.

If your First Aid/CPR or Wilderness First Aid certificate has expired, simply send us a photocopy of your renewed certification and we will re-activate your PSUPA certification.