SUP Trainers, Get Certified with PSUPA

Become a certified Stand Up Paddling (SUP) instructor, or add new skills and classes to your SUP business.

Developed by SUP professionals whose knowledge and experience bring a comprehensive approach to SUP education.

Each certification training program places an emphasis on water safety and an intimate understanding of the stand up paddle business. Each one is designed to give you the skills you need to become a safe and confident instructor, and provide you the business expertise you need to succeed in today’s crowded marketplace.

Our programs are reviewed and updated regularly to remain relevant and competitive in the industry. Yet, our courses remain adaptable to your individual needs and the unique conditions of your paddling region.

Choose the certification that fits you then contact one of our Instructor Trainers in your region to schedule a course. If you don’t find an Instructor Trainer in your area on the list below, we would be happy to help you find certification options. Many of our instructors travel worldwide.

Successful completion of Flat Water 1 is required prior to taking our other certifications.

Location of Instructor Trainers in N. America

Stand Up Paddle Fundamentals 1 Certification

Prerequisites: Prior paddling experience

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Flat Water Level 1 Instructor Certification

Prerequisites: Prior paddling experience

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SUP PILATES & SUP Fitness certifications

Prerequisites: Fundamentals 1


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Please note: For any PSUPA certification course, we cannot guarantee you will achieve a certification simply by taking the course. To ensure that you will get the most out of any certification course, and that you are prepared for the commitment, please read the prerequisites for the certification program and verify with an Instructor Trainer to determine if you are qualified to take the course. Our standards are high, but achievable, if you are prepared for the certification course.