Become a certified Stand Up Paddling (SUP) instructor, or add new skills and classes to your SUP business.

In launching my new SUP business, can I just write and say THANK YOU! Every project opens up 3 more projects, but to have a manual that literally tells me everything I need to know, from a safety kit that I could use as a basis to create policies and procedures, to the list of what to tell people to bring, what info to gather from people...has SAVED me. I am so grateful for the work everyone put into this organization and my PSUPA Flat Water manual!

Lauren Firestein

Certified Instructor, California, Board Locals Paddle Club

The Professional Stand Up Paddle Association’s goal is to support an international community of stand up paddle board (SUP) instructors and business professionals; to promote high standards for safe, innovative, and quality instruction; and to inspire professional and personal growth through a shared passion for paddling.

How We Are Different

  • Our internationally recognized certification programs are developed by our Senior Instructor Trainers— a diverse group of leading SUP professionals whose knowledge and experience bring a comprehensive approach to SUP education.
  • With an emphasis on water safety and stand up paddle business, our certification programs are designed to give you the skills you need to become a safe and confident instructor, as well as the business expertise you need to succeed in today’s crowded marketplace.
  • Our programs are reviewed and updated regularly to remain relevant and competitive in the industry.
  • Although our certification curricula and criteria are standardized, our courses are adaptable to individual student needs and the unique conditions of their paddling region.
  • Our Instructor Trainers excel in teaching and are leaders deeply rooted in their stand up paddling communities. They approach their work with compassion and creativity, and emphasize safety, while also having fun sharing their stoke for paddling.
  • Through membership - an international virtual community - we are committed to staying involved and connected with PSUPA certified instructors to help them reach their personal and professional goals, as well as to stay relevant in the industry.