To the best of our knowledge, these rules for being on the water are accurate and up to date.  Most state laws relating to water activities are 10+ years old.

It is always advisable to check with local experts or resources to verify the rules for any place you are not familiar with the law.  Some state, regional or local parks require permits and licenses if instruction is taking place.

If you find any errors, or have additions, please send them to

State laws --- Know before you go


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Websites you should know...

Float Plan Apps

  • Click here for a Website Listing Several Float Plan Apps
  • Glympse - Great app for monitoring friends or vice versa
  • Coast Guard float plan page
  • Tip: Create your own Float Plan community amongst friends with a Facebook group.

Marine Tracking Apps (using AIS)

Marine Navigation Apps

  • Navionics - Charts, tides, currents, weather, route tracking etc.
  • Gaia - Download charts and maps, route tracking, GPS. Uses a minimum amount of battery power.

Outdoor Industry Associations

Other Useful Links

Wilderness First Aid

Conservation & Environment